Reopening Memo

Please Note: This memo must be read in its entirety and signed for your dancer(s) to return to the studio. 

 We are so excited to see our Royal families again! We will be open for summer classes! Please be mindful that we can only operate on limited capacity with social distancing rules therefore, classes will be closed once we reach our capacity and waitlists will be formed. This will apply until further notice. This memo must be read in its entirety and signed for your dancer(s) to return to the studio. 



  • Temperatures will be taken upon entering the building with an infrared thermometer.

  • Dancers will sanitize their hands before entering the dance room using our sanitizing station.

  • Dancers will wait inside the lobby socially distant, or they can wait outside before classes begin but must be supervised by a parent or guardian if they choose to wait outside. 

  • Dancers will have assigned spots in the dance room while maintaining social distance.

  • Please use the bathroom BEFORE heading to the studio

  • Any water bottles left at the studio will be thrown away for sanitary reasons.

Parents, Siblings, etc.

  • Our lobby will remain closed to mitigate the number of germs and reduce capacity.

  • Please feel free to watch class via zoom! If doing so, please mute your microphone and turn off your video.

  • Please pick up your dancer promptly so we can prepare for the next class. We will be ending classes approximately 5 minutes early to allow time for safe social distancing and sanitization.

  • Please remain outside the building at all times and continue to call or e-mail us with any questions/concerns.

  • All credit card payments will be processed over the phone. We are also now accepting both Chase QuickPay and Venmo as forms of payment. If you prefer to pay cash or check, you can place payment in a labeled envelope and place in our studio mailbox.

What About Masks?

Masks are required upon entrance to the studio, as well as during dancer dismissal. During instruction, employees will not wear masks to ensure their safety. Health issues can arise from exercising while wearing a mask; therefore students will also NOT wear a mask during their class. Children are also more likely to play with and move their masks as they become uncomfortable making them more susceptible to germs.  Masks will be required for dancers to enter and exit the studio only.

But what if my dancer isn't ready?

If for any reason you are not comfortable or confident in these safety measures, please keep your child home and continue doing class via Zoom. We feel fortunate that we can offer both options. The following families should keep their dancer home for class:

  • Anyone uncomfortable with sending their child to the studio for any reason.

  • Anyone with a dancer or family member that feels ill.

  • Anyone that is immunocompromised.


  • Employees will utilize our sanitizing station and have their temperature taken upon entering the studio.

  • Employees will practice social distancing while at the studio.

  • Instructors will end 5 minutes early to allow for safe social distancing and sanitization.

  • Following each class, staff will sanitize the studio (including door handles, barre, cubbies etc.), wash their hands, and open the door for the next class to enter.

  • Employees will sanitize the restroom after each use.

  • Employees will wear a mask when entering and exiting the building as well as when they dismiss the dancers.

We cannot wait to see our royal families. Reopening safely is our top priority.


Miss Rosa


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